Body Aesthetic

The process of aging unfortunately slows down the metabolism. Even with exercise and diet, there will be certain areas of the body that accumulate fat in specific patterns that are determined by your genetics. Technology has improved to the point that body contouring can be performed without a significant recovery period. You can change both the shape of the body and the appearance of the skin, without traditional surgery.

Non-invasive Body Contouring Procedures

The advantage of non-invasive contouring procedures is that there is little to no associated discomfort or downtime. The downside is that they are not typically capable of getting rid of as much fat as a liposuction procedure. Examples of non-invasive contouring procedures are Coolsculpting and Vasershape. Coolsculpting uses cold to freeze fat away, while Vasershape uses ultrasound to break up fat. Either choice is good for people that want a mild to moderate slimming effect with minimal discomfort.

Minimally Invasive Body Contouring Procedures

If you are willing to go through a mild level of recovery, these procedures all work through small nicks in the skin that do not necessitate sutures or prominent scars. People can often be back to work after a long weekend versus several weeks. As a reward, these types of procedures typically offer more significant results than the non-invasive options.

Newer procedures like laser assisted liposuction (Smartlipo), ultrasound assisted liposuction (Vaser), and radiofrequency assisted liposuction (ThermiRF), rely on small devices that help melt the fat prior to removal, making for less trauma and increased skin tightening. These types of procedures are again good for people who want to avoid the trauma of more aggressive surgeries.

Once the fat is removed, it can be put to good use rather than just throwing it away. It can be used to plump up lips, help restore the face (Lumen Lift), and increase the size of the breasts (see Natural Breast Enhancement), the male chest, or the buttocks (see Natural Breast Enhancement). Fat is an ideal material for reshaping the face or body because it is soft, organic, and naturally your own. We process the fat in a special way (with Lumen Fill), which makes it dense with stem cells that encourage a successful fat transfer result.

Improving the Look of the Overlying Skin

Finally, the look of the skin over the contoured regions can be improved by decreasing or removing unwanted visual blemishes such as veins, cellulite, or stretchmarks.

Veins – please see Vein Center

Cellulite – please see Vasershape

Stretchmarks – please see Lumen Rejuvenate

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