Aesthetic Laser Treatments

Lasers to rejuvenate the face can be mild(no downtime) or strong(some downtime). Sometimes even a mild laser treatment, like Laser Genesis, can lead to amplified, significant results if done in conjunction with a good skincare program that includes peels and microdermabrasion. Infrared laser treatments(NIR) are also mild and can assist in the rejuvenation process by tightening the skin non-invasively.

For moderate sun damage causing uneven pigmentation, spots, and deeper lines, usually a stronger laser treatment like Fraxel is needed although it does typically entail a “downtime” of 3-4 days of looking mildly suburned. The Lumen Center was the first facility in the Philadelphia region to have Fraxel almost 10 years ago. We were awarded Best Of Philly by Philadelphia Magazine for it and still have the most experience with this industry leading technology.

The Lumen Rejuvenate process is the next generation of laser treatments and our most significant contribution to aesthetic technology to date. It is a proprietary process of combining cell technology with laser resurfacing of the skin. Growth factors from your own body are utilized during the treatment to invigorate the repair and regrowth cascades caused by intensive laser therapy. Please contact the Lumen Center to see if you are an appropriate candidate for Lumen Rejuvenate.

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