Natural Breast Enhancement

What is Natural Breast Enhancement?

Natural breast enhancement is a process by which fat is removed from an unwanted area and moved to the breasts to enhance their size and shape. As with all fat transfer procedures, the quality of the results depends upon the quality of the fat that is injected. Lumen Fill is a special process that we use to concentrate your own fat to make it especially pure and dense for the best possible enhancement. Read more about the advantages of Lumen Fill.

Am I a good candidate for it?

Natural breast enhancement is a good procedure for women who would like a better shape of the breast and only a moderate increase in size. Typically the breast can only be enlarged by a single cup size with this technique. Common types of patients that request this procedure are women who have lost breast mass in the upper, outer portion of the breasts due to breast feeding and would like to regain a more youthful shape again. Women seeking a significant size increase and prominent projection are usually better served with a traditional saline implant.

The Procedure

FFat is typically collected from the abdomen or love handles through gentle liposuction, although it can also be removed from the thighs or arms. It is then specially concentrated through our Lumen Fill process for reinjection into the breasts. Fat is a great material for transfer into the breasts because it is soft, natural, and enduring, especially compared to an artificial implant that will likely need a revision every 10 years.

The Recovery

The recovery process for natural breast enhancement is fairly short with most people only taking 3-4 days off from work with mild associated discomfort and bruising . A compression garment must be worn over the areas where the fat was taken for a month. The breasts will fluctuate in size for a few weeks as things equilibrate and will reach full maturity at usually 3-4 months. The results are long lasting once the fat has settled because it is now a part of you living in a new area.

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