Lumen Lift

What is Lumen Lift ?

The Lumen Lift is a proprietary procedure invented by Dr. Kwak that combines stem cell rich facial fat transfer(Lumen Fill) with minimally invasive laser and radiofrequency skin tightening of the face (Lumen Tight), all done in one sitting. Each procedure in its own right will have a significant impact on the aesthetics of the face, but in conjunction, the two procedures provide a significant, organic rejeuvanation effect that is both dramatic and natural. It will not be a different you; simply a more youthful version of your facial structure from years past.

What is Lumen Lift version II?

The Lumen Lift version II adds the Lumen Smooth cycle of treatments after the completion of the Lumen Lift. The Lift provides structural filling and tightening of the skin, while the Smoothing component gets rid of the micro-damage caused by the sun(fine lines, wrinkles, and spots). This is accomplished by PRP(platelet rich plasma) enhanced laser resurfacing of the skin. Please see the Lumen Smooth section for more details.

Am I a good candidate for it?

Most people from their 40s on will benefit tremendously from this procedure because it addresses the 2 most common signs of facial aging – sagging skin and loss of volume (meaning hollowness of the temple, eyes, and cheeks). If you desire more impact than a non-invasive procedure can deliver, can tolerate a weekend of downtime, and want to avoid the look and recovery of a traditional facelift, then this may be an excellent procedure for you.

The Procedure

Please see the Lumen Tight, Lumen Fill, and Lumen Smooth pages for more detailed descriptions of the individual procedures. The Lift takes approximately 3 hours and can be done just with local numbing medication; no anesthesia is necessary.

The Recovery

The recovery for the Lumen Lift is fairly mild with typically only mild bruising and minimal pain after the procedure. There are no sutures to remove and healing is accelerated by our proven homeopathic and lymphatic massage protocols. Patients are typically ready to go back to work within a few days of the procedure.

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