Lumen Fundamentals of Facial Aesthetics

The best way to conceptualize the mechanics of facial beauty and aging is to think of a balloon. Everyone has some time or another blown up a balloon. When it is blown up with just the right amount of air, the surface of the balloon is taut and smooth, but not too tight. The shape of the balloon is subtly asymmetric, meaning it is bigger at one end, and smaller on the other end, but with no discernible transition point, like an egg. There is a certain grace to a balloon when its size is just right.

The youthful human face is the same way. It is smooth, full of gentle, subtle curves that have no start or ending point, and the overall shape is like a triangle where the greatest fullness is at the top, centered around the eyes. As we age, we lose some of our air. The natural fat, muscle and bone content of the face diminishes. At the same time, the skin becomes looser, coarser and uneven in tone. The overall shape of the face changes so that gravity is now pulling the mid portion of the face lower, causing the base of the face to become wide, while the upper and middle thirds of the face become thinned out, especially around the eyes and temple. The bony edges of the eye socket become noticeable, as does the sharpness of the brow, and the flatness of the forehead. The upright, bountiful golden triangle of the youthful face inverts with aging to become bottom heavy with a narrowed top and coarse skin.

So, the important question, how do we correct this change? There are 3 steps to the full Lumen process. Steps 1 and 2 are about fundamentally changing the shape of the face to recreate the bountiful golden triangle of youth and step 3 is about rejuvenating the quality of the skin to give it restored luster and shine.

  • STEP 1 – Tighten the Face (Lumen Tight)
  • STEP 2 – Restore the Volume of the Face (Lumen Fill)
  • STEP 3 – Rejuvenate the Skin (Lumen Rejuvenate)

STEP 1 – Tightening the Face (Lumen Tight): The first step is to correct the wideness of the base of the face. One can use fillers to hide some of the evidence that the jowls are dropping and the neck is sagging. In the end, it is much better to tighten the loose tissue and get rid of any excess fat, especially below the jaw. This will make the jawline sharp and defined, recreating a v-shape - the bottom point of the triangle. We do this with the Lumen Tight procedure.

Lumen Tight: We use laser and radiofrequency energy to both liquefy and heat the fat and skin around the jowls and neck through a very small nick under the chin. We follow this with taking some of the liquefied fat out depending on the shape of the region.

Quick Facts: The procedure takes 1.5 hours, is done completely with local numbing like a dentist office visit, with 72hrs of wearing a headband afterwards, no stiches, bruising is mild, with a quick recovery and uniformly excellent results over the past 7 years that we have done this procedure. Please see the Lumen Tight page for more details.

STEP 2 – Restoring the Volume of the Face (Lumen Fill): The second step is to add fullness to the upper and middle thirds of the face. We do this with the Lumen Fill procedure.

Lumen Fill: We take fat from your own body, usually from your love handles, and process it until it is extremely clean and dense with stem cells through a special process, and use it to replenish the volume around the cheeks and eyes. Please see the Lumen Fill page for more details.

Quick Facts: Fat is a fantastic material for re-volumizing your face because it is exactly what was there originally. It is extremely soft, comes from yourself so there is no chance of rejection, and lasts for a long time(5-7 years), especially when compared to man-made fillers. Bruising can be quite minimal using blunt cannulas and stringent homeopathic protocols. Pain is well controlled with a combination of nerve blocks and topical numbing.

STEP 3 – Rejuvenating the Skin (Lumen Rejuvenate): Rejuvenating means taking away spots, lines, wrinkles, and pores to make the skin surface look even, in tone and texture. We do this with the Lumen Rejuvenate procedure.

Lumen Rejuvenate: A specialized combination of laser therapy and PRP(platelet Rich Plasma) cell therapy that is able to restore the luster and smoothness of your skin back to a younger state. Please see the Lumen Rejuvenate page for more details.

Quick Facts: With regard to lasers, downtime is usually the limiting factor for most people. Lumen Rejuvenate is an extremely potent combinational treatment of growth factors and laser therapy in which people can still recover with only a few days of societal “downtime” during which people look only mildly sunburned and swollen.

So now we have it – by tightening, filling, and rejuvenating the facial envelope, we have reversed the inexorable march of time. All of this is without the need to cut or suture the skin. The added benefit is less discomfort, early re-entry into normal life, but most importantly, a natural, organic appearance that is simply a youthful version of yourself, not someone different.

Lumen Lift I combines the Lumen Tight and Lumen Fill procedures together in a single morning or afternoon session, all without the need for anesthesia or the hospital.

Lumen Lift II adds Lumen Rejuvenate, with a series of PRP enhanced laser treatments to begin following the Lumen Tight and Lumen Fill procedures. This will result in the best aesthetically achievable result.

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