Hair Transplant Cost in Philadelphia, PA

If you’re considering a hair transplant, you likely have many questions about how the procedure works, results, and recovery time. One of the most common questions patients ask is “how much does a hair transplant cost?” Various factors are considered when quoting the procedure cost.

Your treatment plan and the cost of the hair restoration is determined by:

At The Lumen Center, we use two state-of-the-art follicle unit extraction (FUE) systems: NeoGraft® and ARTAS iX®. As an FUE hair transplant clinic, we can help you fill in those sparse or balding patches, areas of thinning hair, and rebuild your receding hairline. Results are undetectable and completely natural using your own hair.

A graft is a natural grouping of hair, usually containing 1-4 hair follicles. The number of grafts you require depends of your goals, but typically ranges from 600 hair follicles (for minimal hair loss) to 3,000 or more hair follicles (for more extensive hair loss). The higher the amount of hair follicles needed, the lower the cost is per follicle. Generally, a hair transplant procedure using the NeoGraft® and ARTAS iX® systems ranges from $5,000-$18,000. Again, this depends on a number of factors, your needs and goals. We encourage you to schedule a free hair and scalp analysis to obtain an accurate cost for your hair restoration procedure.

Choosing a Quality Hair Transplant Provider

We can’t emphasize enough that a hair transplant is an intricate, very involved and artistic procedure that requires time and expertise. Low quality, low-cost providers will cost you more in the long-run and corrective surgeries may be needed. The quality of the surgery should always be considered over price.

The Value of a Hair Transplant Surgery at The Lumen Center

Is a hair transplant worth it? If you’ve tried temporary cosmetic solutions in the past, the costs may be lower, but the cost of maintaining them add up over time. A hair restoration procedure at The Lumen Center provides permanent, natural-looking results with no ongoing maintenance required.

Your care team consists of an experienced physician, highly trained technicians and staff members who work together to ensure you get the highest quality care and the best results possible. This team is with you every step of the process, providing ongoing support and guidance. We believe our team, competitive pricing and results offer an exceptional value that make hair restoration worth it.

Financing Options Are Available

If you’re looking to pay for your hair transplant over a period of time and with a manageable monthly payment, we offer financing through Care Credit and United Medical Credit. No interest options are available, and you can prequalify for your upcoming procedure. We can help you select the right payment plan that fits your budget and make your hair restoration goals possible.

Book a Free Hair Transplant Consultation

To learn more, schedule a free, no-obligation hair and scalp analysis at The Lumen Center.