ARTAS iX® Robotic Hair Transplant System in Philadelphia, PA

The ARTAS iX is a truly groundbreaking hair transplant system using physician-guided robotic technology that delivers precise, natural-looking results without producing a linear scar. The ARTAS iX takes out the guesswork and chooses the optimum number of grafts from your donor area – thousands of times per session. It then accurately identifies where they should be implanted to achieve a seamless, natural-looking hairline that best complements your facial structure.


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The first step of the ARTAS iX procedure is to create a 3D model of your head and current hairline. Using the 3D technology, we’ll design your hair restoration to help customize and plan your personalized hairline design.

Next, the ARTAS iX system uses a high-definition stereoscopic vision system, robotic arm, and AI algorithms to identify and select the optimum hair follicles from the donor area for transplanting. These healthy follicles are then harvested with robotic precision and speed to preserve the natural look of your donor area.

Finally, the ARTAS iX takes out the guesswork by intelligently placing and simultaneously implanting the harvested follicles in the recipient site. The minimally invasive process protects your existing healthy hair and maintains a natural appearance in both the donor area and the new implantation area.

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ARTAS iX® Benefits

ARTAS iX® Hair Transplant Before & After

From hair loss to a full head of hair, see the amazing transformations that can result from an ARTAS iX hair restoration procedure.

Candidates for the ARTAS® Robotic Technology

Men who are experiencing hair loss and looking for a minimally invasive solution that offers more natural-looking results are candidates for the ARTAS. In addition, the ARTAS system is a great option if you:

Ultimately, the best way to determine whether you are a candidate for the ARTAS is to schedule a one-on-one consultation at The Lumen Center.

“If you are lucky enough to work with Dr Kwak for your hair restoration, jump at the opportunity because he and his staff are the best around. I couldn’t be happier with my results. Thank you, Dr. Kwak, I appreciate your hard work. You are the best!”
Brad C.

ARTAS iX Hair Transplant Procedure Recovery Process

The recovery process for the ARTAS iX hair transplant is fairly short with most people recovering over a long weekend. You can usually go back to your normal activities after a few days and the donor site will heal in approximately a week.

Lumen Center patients are carefully monitored post-procedure and at regular checkpoints for up to a year. 

Ready to Take the Next Step? Schedule Your Hair Transplant Consultation Today

At The Lumen Center, we individualize every treatment plan to help you restore your thinning hair or receding hairline. We offer complimentary consultations with Dr. Andrew Kwak where he’ll determine if you are a good candidate and review your options. We take our time to discuss your goals and concerns, provide instructions, and answer any questions you may have.