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Lip fillers are one of the most popular nonsurgical procedures performed and a great solution if you desire fuller lips, suffer from volume loss due to aging, and want to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. The Lumen Center offers the latest lip rejuvenation products, with Juvederm and Revanesse Versa brand dermal fillers. These injectable products help fill in lines and wrinkles around the mouth, create fuller lips and give an instant lip lift effect. The results can be subtle or dramatic, all the while enhancing your youthful appearance.

Lip Fillers Before & After

What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are designed to create fuller lips and smooth the skin around the mouth to reverse signs of aging. They can enhance parts of your lips, such as your vermillion border, or sharpen the shape of your Cupid’s bow. Lip fillers can also be used to create more natural lip volume in general. The cosmetic procedure is also known as a lip augmentation or enhancement.

In addition to providing volume to the lips, lip fillers smooth the skin, give a better structure to the lip shape, and provide a more youthful appearance. Lip fillers can be customized to your exact aesthetic goals and are designed to produce natural-looking results.

Types of Lip Fillers

At The Lumen Center, based just outside of Philadelphia, we offer a variety of lip fillers, and our skilled injectors provide natural-looking results to help you look and feel your best.

Juvederm Lip Filler

Juvederm is one of the most popular brands of dermal fillers. This dermal filler plumps the lips and smooths vertical lip lines above the upper lip. It is also effective in smoothing deep wrinkles. Juvederm brands include Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Volbella, and Juvederm Vollure.

Revanesse Versa Lip Filler

Revanesse Versa combats thin or wrinkled lips and can reshape lips or make lips with asymmetry more even. It is also beneficial for other problem areas, such as smile lines around the mouth.

Other Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is the most popular choice among injectable fillers, given its versatility, effectiveness, and fewer side effects. Another brand of dermal fillers is Restylane, including Restylane Kysse, specifically formulated for lips.

Benefits of Lip Injections

Lip injections have become a popular treatment for men and women of all ages. Benefits of lip fillers include:

Are Lip Fillers Safe?

Lip fillers are a safe, FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved cosmetic procedure. They are made of hyaluronic acid, which is already naturally occurring in the skin to retain moisture. The synthetic hyaluronic acid used in dermal fillers helps the skin absorb more moisture and also aids in the production of collagen to naturally restore volume in the skin. 

Lip Fillers Side Effects

Bruising and swelling are common side effects and usually subside in 1-3 days. Additional complications, such as allergic reactions, are rare.

Lip Filler Migration

Lip filler migration is not common but occurs when the filler moves to a different location from where it was intended post-injection. When lip filler migrates above or below the border of the lips, it sometimes causing too much lip projection for a “ducky” look. It can also create lumps on the lips. Lip filler migration occurs when it’s improperly injected or too much filler is injected. Fortunately, correction is possible with an enzyme called hyaluronidase, which dissolves or breaks down the area of migrated filler.

Lip Filler Swelling Stages

Swelling and bruising are the most common side effects after filler treatment, and below is a timeline of what to expect.

Day 0

You will immediately notice that your lips are fuller and more defined. Immediately after your injections, you will notice swelling, which will subside after a few days. You may also have an uneven or asymmetrical appearance as the filler settles. In addition to swelling and bruising, you may experience some tenderness.

To help minimize side effects, refrain from wearing any makeup and engaging in strenuous exercise the day of your procedure (and for 24 hours afterward). You will also want to avoid extensive sun exposure or heat for 72 hours.

Day 1

It is common for the lips to be inflamed the day after your filler treatment and may appear extremely swollen. The upper lip may also appear to be projecting over the lower lip. This situation is temporary and will continue to get better. You may continue to have sensitivity, tenderness, and mild discomfort.

This swelling is a normal part of lip filler swelling stages and the healing process and should begin to subside during the day. If your care provider instructed you to, you could also use cool compresses on the lips for 15 minutes at a time, once an hour. 

In addition, sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated can help reduce the swelling you experience when you wake up. At the very least, do everything you can to avoid rolling onto your stomach and sleeping on your face. Not only will this be uncomfortable and likely to wake you up, but you may also damage your filler and change the way it sets.

If you are experiencing any tenderness or sensitivity (which is expected at this stage), Tylenol is often the most effective over-the-counter medication to help manage it. 

Day 2

Inflammation should be reduced and will continue to get better over the next two days. Any discomfort or tenderness at the injection sites should be minimal. Continue to avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Day 4

At around day 4, you’ll get a true sense of what your lips will look like. The swelling should be gone, and you should feel more comfortable. It should be easier to eat, drink, and talk.

One Week

After 7 days, the swelling should be completely gone. Bruising and lumps should disappear, but this could take up to two weeks. Lips should be at the optimal appearance by the two-week mark.

Four Weeks

After one month, you can fully enjoy your new lips! If you didn’t achieve the desired results and if you’d like more filler in certain areas, we can schedule an appointment for a touch-up. Or, if you think your lips are overdone, we can inject hyaluronidase, which can dissolve the filler.

How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost in Philadelphia?

The cost of your lip filler treatment depends on the brand/type of filler used and how much is needed to get you the desired aesthetic results. We charge by the syringe, but the volume depends on the brand, which impacts the price. During your consultation at The Lumen Center, we’ll go over the expected cost of your lip filler injections in Philadelphia.

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Lip filler treatments last an average of 6-9 months, but it depends on the brand of filler. Traditional dermal fillers typically last longer, but lip fillers can break down more quickly because of the amount of movement in the mouth area. Patients tend to have a touch-up treatment around 6-9 months to maintain results.

Lip Fillers Aftercare

After your lip augmentation, there may be some bruising and swelling around the lips, as well as some tenderness. These side effects should resolve in 1-3 days. You should not touch, rub, or massage your lips, and you should also avoid opening your mouth wide during the first one to three days after your appointment. Most normal activities can be resumed immediately following your treatment. We will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions following your consultation. 

Frequently Asked Lip Filler Questions

Dermal fillers can treat numerous issues, including deep facial wrinkles, a gummy smile, and much more. Essentially, lip fillers are a type of dermal filler specifically formulated for the lips to enhance the volume and shape of the mouth. Lip fillers are generally made with thinner, silkier formulas that mimic the consistency of natural lip tissue. They allow for more fluid, natural-looking movements than traditional dermal fillers.

Sometimes patients request a “natural” lip filler and your own fat is a natural substance that can be used as filler. Fat transfer involves liposuction from one area and transferring the extracted fat to the lips. Both lip fillers and fat transfer can help increase volume and eliminate wrinkles around the lips.

Some patients desire a subtle enhancement from lip fillers, and others want to significantly enhance the volume of their lips or alter their shape. Both results can be achieved with lip fillers.

Lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the skin’s connective tissue, cartilage, and tendons. Hyaluronic acid helps tissue hold and retain moisture which has a volumizing effect. In addition to providing volume to the lips, it also smooths the skin, gives a better structure to the lip shape, accentuates the Cupid’s bow, and provides a more youthful appearance.

To prepare for your treatment, you should stop taking blood thinners and supplements. Do not use any creams near the treatment area.

Swelling and bruising are the most common side effects after lip injections but they usually subside in 1-3 days. You may want to ice the area after treatment.

Swelling should subside after a few days, and most patients recover from bruising within 7-14 days. To help prevent additional swelling, follow these steps:

  • Avoid touching your lips immediately after treatment
  • Carefully use a cold compress or icepack on the injection sites (avoid anything that sticks to the lips)
  • Take ibuprofen as needed
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking for at least 24 hours after treatment

It is best to avoid kissing 48-72 hours after treatment. Kissing can apply a lot of pressure to the lips and increase your risk of infection. After 2-3 days, you’ll have soft, kissable lips you’ll love!

At Lumen, we use lidocaine numbing cream as a local anesthetic, which makes filler injections virtually painless and will ease any discomfort you feel at the injection site.

Lip fillers are not recommended during pregnancy or when breastfeeding since the effects of these injections haven’t been fully tested on women.

Using your own fat as filler is one alternative to dermal lip fillers. In addition, if you want the perception of a larger upper lip, a BOTOX lip flip may be an option for you.

Lip fillers are a great nonsurgical option for both men and women who want to treat the thin appearance of their lips or noticeable wrinkles around their lips due to aging and volume loss.

Kylie Jenner has been seen at lip filler appointments, and everyone wants her gorgeous, natural-looking lips! Other celebrities with enviable, fuller lips are Angelina Jolie, Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima, and Rhianna.

How Can I Find Lip Fillers Near Me?

When searching for lip fillers in Philadelphia, you’ll find many providers. But when it comes to lip fillers, choosing the right kind, the right amount, and a skilled injector makes a huge difference in the results. At The Lumen Center, we recognize that every face is a different unique shape and needs to have lips that are proportional to the rest of your face. We believe injecting lip fillers is an art and consistently deliver a natural-looking, well-balanced result. Our nurse practitioner has vast experience with both lip injections and facial rejuvenation procedures. If you want to add volume to your lips or reverse the signs of aging, schedule a free consultation today. Our office is in Bryn Mawr on the Main Line, right outside Philadelphia.

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