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The Lumen Lift

A natural, nonsurgical facelift restores lost facial tone by tightening sagging skin in the lower face and adding volume where it’s needed in the top of the face. A natural facelift eliminates sagging jowls, a double chin and the dreaded “turkey neck.” Results are effective, long-lasting and dramatic.

What is the Lumen Lift?

Aging causes our tissues to lose their elasticity and sag, and the lower face is especially prone to these changes. In the process, you lose volume around the eyes, cheekbones and temples. The Lumen Lift is the answer to reversing this process. It is a minimally invasive facelift procedure that both tightens and adds volume to the face to rejuvenate and revitalize your appearance.

Using laser energy, the loose skin of the neck, jowls and chin is tightened. Then, your own fat is added to the upper areas of your face to create volume and contour. Your new sculpted face and neckline will look soft and natural – never stretched or overdone. Just tighter, firmer and smoother skin to lessen the visible signs of aging. The Lumen Lift can make you look healthier, well-rested and years younger.

The Natural Facelift Procedure

There are two components of the Lumen Lift procedure – Lumen Tight and Lumen Fill. The Lumen Tight gently removes fat and tightens your lower face. Lumen Fill uses fat transfer to restore lost volume in your upper face to achieve a heart-shaped face.

The natural facelift procedure starts with application of a saline solution containing a local anesthetic to the treatment area. Then, a very small 1-3mm (“freckle mark”) incision is made under the chin. A tiny cannula (tube) containing a laser fiber is inserted that emits laser energy directly to fat cells, just enough to achieve the desired shape of the area. This causes the fat cells to burst and the liquified fat is gently suctioned out of the area. Heat from the laser results in less bleeding, swelling and bruising. It also stimulates the growth of collagen, which causes the skin to continue to tighten over the next 3-4 months, redefining the jaw and neckline.

During Lumen Fill process, fat is gently liposuctioned from a donor area (typically the flanks or abdomen). The fat is then spun down to its purest form, which is filled with rich stem cells. The stem cells in your fat repurpose dormant cells in the face, giving an organic lift that enhances the quality and structure of the skin. The fat is then strategically reinjected into your upper face to provide structural filling.

Both procedures can be completed on the same day in under 5 hours and can be done together in the same morning or afternoon.

Candidates for a Natural Facelift

If the signs of aging have become more visible, you may be a candidate for a natural facelift. It is best suited for men and women who:

Many dermal filler patients are also good candidates for the Lumen Lift. If you find you are needing large amounts of dermal fillers to get a noticeable impact or needing them more frequently, it might be time to consider the Lumen Lift. The average filler is 1cc of temporary product and the average fat transfer utilizes 30 ccs of your own natural fat. Unlike dermal fillers, Lumen Fill is not limited to small volumes. It produces a dramatic change that will last 5-7 years, much longer than the typical 6-18 months with dermal fillers.

Frequently Asked Natural Facelift Questions

Benefits of a natural facelift are numerous. You’ll regain a youthful face and neck and tighter, smoother skin. If jowls or a double chin are concerns, these can be eliminated, and you’ll achieve better jawline and neck definition.

The Lumen Lift produces a dramatic change that will last 5-7 years.

A key difference is that a natural facelift like the Lumen Lift is minimally invasive and nonsurgical, and a traditional facelift is invasive and surgical. Recovery is also much longer with a traditional facelift, and the procedure comes with a number of potential risks. The Lumen Lift is safer, less extensive and better tolerated in most patients. View this article to compare a natural facelift to a traditional facelift.

Dr. Andrew Kwak, founder of the Lumen Center, will provide a full consultation to discuss your goals, plan and vision to achieve the best results possible. After reviewing your medical history, he will perform an examination and discuss expectations. You will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for your procedure and what to expect during and after the Lumen Lift procedure.

The Lumen Lift procedure is performed on an outpatient basis in The Lumen Center office in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Results can appear immediately after the procedure, and your skin will continue to tighten over the next 3-4 months.

Yes, financing is available through United Medical Credit and CareCredit. The links take you to easy applications to pre-qualify.

"My consult with Dr. Kwak was informative. He took his time explaining the procedure and answered any questions I had. On the day of the procedure, he was on time. His assistant, Gen, explained everything that they were going to do at each step along the way, which was very comforting and caring. Follow up appointments were on time and I was greeted by friendly staff. The office is very clean and relaxing. Very satisfied with my several times there."
Janet J.

Natural Facelift Recovery Process

The recovery process for the Lumen Lift is fairly short with most people recovering over a long weekend. Mild associated discomfort and bruising may result and can last up to a week. A gentle headband is worn over the area for 48-72 hours.

Lumen Center patients are carefully monitored post-procedure and at regular checkpoints for up to a year. 

Is Natural Facelift Right for You?

At The Lumen Center, we individualize every treatment plan so that you see maximum results from your procedure. We offer complimentary consultations with Dr. Kwak where he’ll determine if you are a good candidate and review what you can realistically expect. We take our time to discuss your goals and concerns, provide instructions and answer any questions you may have. 

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