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Years of using our facial muscles have created lines and wrinkles that remain even when our face is at rest. Fortunately, there’s BOTOX, considered a wonder drug by many for its ability to dramatically smooth fine lines and wrinkles while softening facial features. It is designed to produce natural-looking results and a more refreshed, youthful appearance. BOTOX treatments are safe, effective, and minimally invasive – and one of the most popular procedures in our Philadelphia area office.

What Is BOTOX?

BOTOX (Botulinum toxin-A) (other common brand names include Dysport and Xeomin) is a protein that relaxes the facial muscles that cause facial lines. BOTOX is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States and is FDA-approved as a muscle-relaxing agent.

How BOTOX Works

BOTOX blocks the release of chemicals that cause muscle contractions and weakens the muscles in treated areas. When the muscles are relaxed, the overlying skin flattens. As a result, BOTOX wards off fine lines and wrinkles, and the skin retains a smooth, softened appearance.

Who Is a Good Candidate for BOTOX?

You may be a good candidate for BOTOX if you are bothered by the appearance of facial wrinkles and would like a rejuvenated, youthful appearance. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not candidates for BOTOX.

Common BOTOX Cosmetic Injection Treatment Areas

Commonly treated areas are those where muscle activity causes facial expressions. These include:

What to Expect During Your BOTOX Procedure in Philadelphia

BOTOX is a quick, safe, and effective treatment. The procedure takes about 10-15 minutes, and many Philadelphia BOTOX patients come in over their lunch break. There is no downtime, and you can return to your regular routine immediately following treatment.

When you come in for your consultation, our expert aesthetic nurse practitioner will ask you to make various facial expressions, including frowning or squinting. Then, our nurse injector will disinfect the areas and administer the BOTOX using a very fine micro needle to make a series of quick injections into the underlying muscle. Most patients who come to our Philadelphia-area office experience no pain with BOTOX injections or describe it as a quick pinch.

"Shanna did an amazing job for my first ever Botox experience! The space was clean, all staff were extremely nice, helpful, and took COVID precautions seriously. Shanna helped me figure out exactly what would give me the look I desired to get rid of my pesky forehead lines while still looking natural. Can't wait to come back!"
Jennifer H.

How Much Does BOTOX Cost?

The cost of Botox injections depends on various factors, including: The number of areas to be treated, the extent of the wrinkles/lines, the expertise of the injector, and your area of the country. Typically, the cost of BOTOX in Philadelphia starts at $12 per unit. We’ll provide you with the cost of your personalized treatment at your complimentary consultation. If you join Allergan’s loyalty program, Alle (formerly known as Brilliant Distinctions), you will often receive savings on your BOTOX treatments.

What Is the BOTOX Lip Flip?

A BOTOX lip flip treatment involves injections of BOTOX into the corners of your mouth and edges of your upper lip to relax the muscles holding up the lip. This nonsurgical procedure allows the lip to roll slightly upward to make the lip appear fuller and plumper. A lip flip may be a good solution to:

A lip flip may be a good choice if you aren’t ready for lip fillers or want a very natural or subtle improvement to your lips. A lip flip will create the illusion that your lips are just a little plumper. It’s an effective treatment to better define your “Cupid’s Bow” (the indentation in the middle of your upper lip) and the vermilion border (the line along the outside of the lips where they join the skin of the face). A lip flip can also bring a “pouty” look to the upper lip.

It’s important to note that a lip flip doesn’t increase volume in the lips, and it isn’t a substitute for lip fillers. BOTOX is also not injected around the lower lip during this procedure. But a lip flip can make the upper lip appear fuller and cause it to flip upward.

Like other BOTOX treatments, a lip flip doesn’t require any downtime. You can expect your results to last approximately 2 months.

Can Botox Create a Brow Lift Effect?

Most people develop deep furrow lines between the eyebrows and sagging skin above the brow area. The reason is the skin begins to lose elastin, and the skin can’t bounce back when the muscles underneath flex when you make facial expressions. BOTOX injections can help provide a brow lift effect and more structure in your upper face. You may also choose BOTOX for a brow lift if you want to correct asymmetries like uneven eyebrows.

When BOTOX is injected around the eyebrows, the muscles relax and are pulled upwards. This treatment elevates the eyebrows and makes your eyes appear more open. It will smooth out your wrinkles and leave you with a more alert, youthful, and refreshed appearance.

Possible BOTOX Side Effects

After the procedure, there is little to no downtime. BOTOX injections are relatively safe when performed by an expert injector, but possible side effects include pain, swelling, and bruising at the injection sites. Most people can return to normal activities immediately.

Philadelphia BOTOX Frequently Asked Questions

It usually takes 3-7 days to start seeing the effects of BOTOX, with it fully taking effect in two weeks.

The softer, more youthful appearance usually lasts for 3-6 months. Staying out of the sun and having a good skin care regimen helps lengthen the effects of BOTOX. We recommend that you repeat treatment every 3 months to maintain your results.

Yes, refrain from touching treated area and lying down for at least 4 hours. You should avoid exercise or strenuous activity for 24 hours. Otherwise, it may cause the BOTOX to move.

There are no comparative clinical studies to show the effectiveness of one product over another. Subtle differences have been seen, which include the time of onset (how fast it sets up), duration, and how soon you may notice results. When choosing between BOTOX, Dysport, and Xeomin, we consider your individual goals and healthcare history to determine the best anti-aging treatment for you.

Absolutely not. A skilled injector will produce natural-looking results, and you will still have movement when making facial expressions. After your BOTOX treatment at LUMEN, you’ll never look frozen or expressionless.

Absolutely, BOTOX, Dysport & Xeomin can be performed in the same treatment session with a dermal filler injectable treatment. BOTOX is a great treatment for mostly the upper part of the face, but it doesn’t address volume loss or contouring. Fillers and BOTOX can work together for a complete facial rejuvenation, often referred to as a liquid facelift. Fillers such as Juvéderm can be added to areas of the face that start to develop deep wrinkles or hollows. Other common areas for filler treatment include the lips, under the eyes to lessen dark circles, and around the jawline and chin to give more balance to the face.

Yes! Wrinkles are caused by muscle movement, and by injecting BOTOX into your facial muscles, you are preventing any movement and resulting wrinkles. So, not only are you temporarily erasing fine lines and wrinkles, you are also preventing them from becoming more deeply etched into the skin and underlying tissue.

Is BOTOX Cosmetic in Philadelphia Right for You?

Our goal is simple: We want to help you achieve the best version of yourself. The results from cosmetic treatments will look natural, and no one will be the wiser!

When choosing an injector for your Philadelphia BOTOX injections, it’s very important to consider training, injection frequency, and medical experience. Our aesthetic nurse practitioner and injector, Shanna Amoroso, MSN, ACNP-BC, BS, has years of experience working with injectable treatments and has undergone extensive and advanced training with Allergan, the makers of BOTOX Cosmetic. She will help you explore your cosmetic injection options and skincare solutions during a free consultation.

In addition to treating Philadelphia BOTOX patients, The Lumen Center offers a range of facial injectables, micro needling, chemical peels, and all of your skincare needs. Patients also seek out LUMEN for facial and body contouring procedures. Our Bryn Mawr office is located just outside Philadelphia near Haverford, Bala Cynwyd, and Newtown Square on the Main Line.

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