Is a BOTOX Lip Flip Right for You?

BOTOX Lip Flip
The lips are a focal point on the face, so it’s natural that patients often want fuller lips or to enhance the shape of their lips. That’s where the BOTOX® lip flip can help – it’s a popular and quick nonsurgical procedure to enhance the upper lip and reduce a gummy smile. The lip flip helps improve the contour of the upper lip to create the appearance of fuller lips and make the lips slightly more defined. But is a BOTOX lip flip right for you? Let’s look at the pros and cons of this beauty trend and discuss how it can work with or without lip filler to provide a natural lip enhancement.

What Is the BOTOX Lip Flip?

BOTOX is a neuromodulator that blocks the release of chemicals that cause muscle contractions and relaxes the muscles in treated areas. With a lip flip, a small amount of BOTOX is injected into the muscles above the upper lip (orbicularis oris), at the vermillion border, cupid’s bow, and the corners of the mouth. This treatment allows the lip to relax and curl upward, appearing fuller and more defined.

Who Can Benefit from the Lip Flip?

The lip flip with BOTOX procedure can offer the following benefits:

  • Creates the look of a subtly enhanced upper lip, especially if your upper lip thins or disappears when you smile
  • Reduces the appearance of a gummy smile and shows more lip
  • Lifts the corners of the mouth to soften frown appearances
  • Smooths out wrinkles (around the corner of the mouth and vertical lines above the upper lip)
  • Is an alternative if you have an allergy or sensitivity to hyaluronic acid (the main ingredient in most lip dermal fillers)
Before & After BOTOX lip flip Philadelphia
Before and after BOTOX Lip Flip at The Lumen Center to correct a "gummy" smile

Cons of the BOTOX Lip Flip

  • Doesn’t increase volume – The lip flip provides the appearance of a fuller, defined upper lip, but is not a substitute for lip fillers
  • Doesn’t address the lower lip
  • May provide too subtle results
  • Lasts 2 months

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Lip Flip?

A good candidate for the Botox lip flip procedure is anyone who wants to create the illusion of fuller lips while maintaining a natural-looking appearance. If you have a gummy smile, the Botox lip flip procedure is a great option since it can relax the muscle that causes a gummy smile. When you come in for a complimentary consultation, we’ll discuss your medical history and your aesthetic needs and goals to determine the best lip enhancement treatment for you.

What Results Can I Expect?

It takes two weeks for the cosmetic results of the BOTOX lip flip to fully take effect. During this time, this muscle relaxes and allows the upper lip to lift and “flip.” The effect creates the illusion of a larger upper lip without adding volume.

The BOTOX lip flip lasts approximately 2 months, and then a touch-up treatment is needed. Since it’s an area with so much dynamic movement, BOTOX tends to metabolize quicker than other facial treatment areas.

What Are Other Lip Enhancement Options?

Patients who have experienced age-related volume loss or are looking for a more dramatic lip enhancement, can often benefit more from dermal fillers or fat injections. In addition, you may opt to combine a lip flip with filler treatment to further accentuate your results.

Dermal Fillers

Many dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance that exists naturally in the body. When injected directly into the lips, it creates definition and plumps the lips. Dermal fillers can be used to enhance the contour of the lips subtly or very dramatically, including the Cupid’s Bow and vermillion border. HA lip fillers last up to 12 months.

Fat Transfer

For a longer-lasting filler, your own fat is the most durable material and there is no chance of an allergic reaction. At Lumen, we use a specialized fat transfer technique that involves gentle liposuction to extract fat from a donor area. Then, the fat is distilled to its purest form and injected into the lips to increase their size and shape.

Shanna Injecting

Learn More About the BOTOX Lip Flip

A BOTOX lip flip is an excellent option if you have a thin upper lip, a gummy smile, and wrinkles around your mouth. If you’re looking for a quick, minimally invasive cosmetic approach without downtime, the BOTOX lip flip or dermal fillers might be right for you. Schedule a free consultation today to learn about your options and get a treatment plan that is customized to you. Contact The Lumen Center in Bryn Mawr at 610.525.0606 to connect with us!