Sagging Jowls and Double Chin? Why Our Patients Love the Lumen Tight Procedure

Excess weight. Loss of collagen. Genetics. Even the constant downward phone screen gazing. These factors can contribute to sagging jowls, a double chin or “tech neck.” And these conditions become worse with age. According to a recent survey, 73% of people are bothered by excess fat under the chin. Often, diet and exercise won’t help the sagging jowls and double chin areas. While there are a variety of options available, including a liquid facelift, many of them are not as ideal as liposuction. See why the Lumen Tight is a patient-favorite and one of our signature procedures. And why it’s heads, shoulders (and everything between) above other noninvasive skin tightening options.

View one patient’s journey with the Lumen Tight procedure!

Reliably Targets Entire Lower Face – Sagging Jowls, Double Chin and Neck

The Lumen Tight uses SmartLipo®, minimally invasive laser lipolysis, to safely and effectively remove fat and tighten the chin, neck and jowls. Noninvasive options such as fat dissolving injections, radiofrequency and ultrasound treatments may not provide an overall lower face and neck lift. For example, KYBELLA® is an FDA-approved injection for reducing fat under the chin, but the jowls and other areas are considered “off label.” When considering your options, ask about the effectiveness for all of the areas you want to improve.


Removes Unwanted Fat and Tightens Skin

Dr. Andrew Kwak, founder of The Lumen Center, developed the Lumen Tight after less than stellar results with noninvasive options. “I found that you have to apply heat under the surface of the skin, and it needs to go deeper. Skin is the barrier with the noninvasive options and you typically can’t get a lot of tightening,” Dr. Kwak says. “Delivering heat exactly into the sub-dermal layer, monitoring the tissue temperature and applying the laser heat for a certain window of time promotes skin tightening with reliable results.”


Consistent, Dramatic Results – for 10 Years Running

Before and after Lumen Tight
Before and after Lumen Tight- View more patient transformations

Dr. Kwak has been performing the Lumen Tight for more than 10 years and has observed uniformly excellent outcomes. He uses SmartLipo® Triplex® with the PrecisionTx® handpiece that is specially designed to target tissue in smaller treatment areas. “The SmartLipo wand distributes energy evenly and precisely to provide the desired contour and sculpt the jawline,” says Dr. Kwak. It’s no surprise that liposuction has long been the gold standard for body contouring and was the second most sought after procedure with 258,000 performed in 2018.


Sagging Jowls and Double Chin Melt After Just One Session

Many of the noninvasive treatment options for the lower face require a series of treatments. In addition, it may take a number of months before the final result is apparent. Over such a long period of time, the results are often subtle at best. However, after the Lumen Tight procedure, patients can achieve an often-dramatic result with just one treatment that takes 1.5 hours. 


Minimal Downtime for Maximum Results

Typical downtime for the Lumen Tight is over a long weekend and a compression headwrap needs to be worn. “The procedure is quick, relatively easy, requires no stitches and patients respond well,” says Dr. Kwak. While many noninvasive options tout “no downtime,” injections are known to cause redness, swelling and bruising. Considering that the Lumen Tight covers the entire lower face, downtime from the Lumen Tight is a small tradeoff for immediate, noticeable and long-lasting results.


Look Better, Feel Better

Just because you are older, doesn’t mean you have to look it! And we all know this to be true: When you look better, you feel better too. If you’re ready to address your sagging jowls and double chin, take the next step and book a complimentary facial consultation at The Lumen Center in Bryn Mawr, Pa. Dr. Kwak works closely with each patient to address your concerns and determine the best solution based on your unique face shape. To learn more, connect with us or call 610.525.0606.