When Kegel Exercises Aren’t Enough, There’s THERMIva Feminine Rejuvenation

When Kegel exercises aren't enough, there's THERMIva feminine rejuvenation

It’s a condition that some women are too embarrassed to discuss, but it’s no small problem and very common. We’re talking about weakening vaginal muscles and sagging vaginal skin that often occur as women age or after having children. Perhaps you’ve been told to do Kegel exercises, but they have to be done right, multiple times a day and relieve symptoms only so much. For quick and lasting relief there’s THERMIva® Feminine Rejuvenation – a revolutionary, life changing nonsurgical treatment that can noticeably improve vaginal dryness, sensation, skin appearance and urinary incontinence.  

How Does THERMIva Work?

How Does THERMIva Work?
THERMIva hand piece delivers controlled radiofrequency energy.

THERMIva delivers controlled radiofrequency energy to the skin and muscles of the vaginal walls and external labia. A specially designed handpiece is used, about the width of a finger. The wand gently heats the tissue, which stimulates collagen growth, increases blood flow and improves the nerve supply. The result is a thicker collagen layer under the skin, tightening the surface. While some patients report feeling pressure when the device is moved internally, the procedure is pain-free, and patients generally only feel a warm sensation. Most women notice improvements after the first treatment, but it can take up to 3 months or the third treatment to see the full benefits. 

THERMIva feminine rejuvenation can be performed 6-8 weeks following pregnancy. Benefits of the treatment last approximately one year, and then follow-up treatments are needed 1-2 times per year. 

Who Benefits from THERMIva Feminine Rejuvenation?

THERMIva feminine rejuvenation is ideal for women ranging from their 30s to 60s.

Women ranging in age from their 30s to 60s are ideal candidates, especially if you are experiencing the following:

  • Vaginal laxity (“loose skin”) – THERMIva tightens the full length of the vagina and at the opening.
  • Vulvar laxity – THERMIva tightens the labial tissues and reduces sag. Women become more comfortable and less self-conscious in tight clothing.
  • Urinary incontinence – If you have to wear a pantiliner or accidentally urinate when you sneeze, THERMIva can help reduce leakage and the urge “to go”.
  • Dryness – THERMIva makes skin softer and thicker for more comfortable intercourse without the need for lubricants.
  • Sexual dysfunction – Between 25% and 63% of all women experience sexual dysfunction, and the rate is even higher for postmenopausal women at 68% to 86.5%. With THERMIva, you gain increased sensitivity and stronger muscle contractions. 

Running in All Directions and Can’t Afford Any Downtime? 

With THERMIva, you pick up right where you left off after treatment. No anesthesia, recovery, side effects, medications or hormones. Treatments last approximately 30 minutes, so it can be done on a lunch hour. You are able to resume all activity immediately, including sexual intercourse. 

THERMIva Feminine Rejuvenation – A Safe and Effective Alternative to Vaginoplasty

Before THERMIva, there weren’t many safe and effective procedures to address vaginal rejuvenation. Of course, there are surgical procedures such as vaginoplasty and labiaplasty to tighten the skin around the vagina. However, they come with a host of risks, including infection, permanent pain, changes in sensation and scarring. Also, surgical procedures mainly address loose or sagging skin and not dryness and urinary incontinence. 

Reclaim Your Younger Body

We’ve all heard it – 40 is the new 20, 60 is the new 40, and so on. You can look and feel more youthful and reclaim your younger or pre-baby body! In addition to THERMIva’s physical benefits, many women say that it has regained their confidence and revived their relationships. 

Ultimate Care and Comfort

THERMIva feminine rejuvenation is "Most Worth It" on Realself

At The Lumen Center, we’ve seen firsthand the impact that THERMIva feminine rejuvenation treatment has made in our patients’ health and well-being. Our caring and compassionate team strives to make you feel comfortable and have the best experience possible. We’re with you every step of the way – from the consultation when we discuss your issues and what to expect to post-treatment where you are carefully monitored at regular checkpoints for up to a year.  For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please call 610.525.0606.